This game is a student project, developed in construct 2.

A fusion between 2 arcade classics, that enhances the experience of both. 
A challenging game for new and veteran game fans!

Please see the instructions to learn how to play the game.


  • SHIP:
    • Pink : Adds lazers to the ship
    • Blue : Reduces cooldown between paddle shots  
    • Orange: Paddle shot can now destroy bricks
    • Grey: (Debuff) Increases cooldown time 
  • BALL:
    • Big Ball: Increases the size of the ball
    • Fire Ball: the ball will pass trough bricks
    • Small Ball: Base ball

There are some cheats implemented in this game. 

All suggestions are welcomed to improve the experience, so please do leave a comment.

Developed  in the context of a Game Development Course in World Academy, Lisbon.


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nice, but need to work on design

Great game!